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Overview Of Columbus Ohio Divorce Lawyer Services


Divorce can take its toll on a couple, but the effects can extend out to immediate family members and friends. If you are considering divorce and have tried every technique in the book to prevent it, you will need to hire a Columbus Ohio divorce lawyer. This licensed professional will assist you through the entire process, while proving you with recommendations and support. Below, you will discover more information about these professionals.

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Legal Separation


Many married couples decide to part their ways instead of going straight to a divorce. A legal separation does not end the marriage, but only allows the couple to live in separate dwellings. It isn’t unusual for a couple to remain in the same dwelling, even though they are legally separated. A divorce lawyer can assist you with this proceeding. You will need to obtain a court order that outlines each spouse’s responsibilities. These responsibilities would be similar to that of a final decree of divorce.


If you are struggling trying to make a decision of whether or not to end your marriage, you should consider a legal separation. This will provide you with peace of mind in knowing that your spouse will still be involved, plus it will let you hold onto your marriage. Once you decide that it is time to get a divorce, just speak with your attorney, so the process can be initiated.


Child Custody


When small children are involved, the attorney must take special precautions to ensure their best interest. Small children are probably not going to understand the meaning of a divorce, but they will be able to feel the tension. There are several types of custody, including joint, physical, and legal. The attorney will walk you through each type and assist you in making the best decision for you, your spouse and children. Many couples will choose to make this decision alone, but there are times when the court is forced to intervene.


It genuinely isn’t unusual for the custody to end up in court, but it is always in the child’s best interest for parents to make this decision. A custody battle can last for months or even years.


Child Support


Most parents are more than willing to settle the child support issue out of court. However, there is always a difficult parent in the crowd. For parents that refuse to pay their child support, there is a judge on the bench that will look out for the child’s best interest.