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This Years Best Online Business Ideas

Online Business Ideas 2016

Starting your own online business can be very rewarding. Today, the Internet has opened up new markets for online entrepreneurs who have great ideas for online businesses. The Internet puts us in contact with millions and millions of people every day, and with this kind of broadcasting power, one can bring lots of attention to their online business and make it a big success. Starting an online business basically requires much less risk as compared to investing your hard earned money into the brick and mortar storefronts or downtown offices.

Since your business is basically based online, you will be able to reach more potential clients and customers, and you can work from virtually anywhere, and at any time. With some basic site and communication skills accompanied with some maintenance know how, nearly anyone can start an online business in a matter of days. I have compiled a list of some of the best online business ideas for 2016, which you can employ and start reaping the profits in a matter of days.

Be sure to protect yourself and your assets within your business by forming a corporation, most commonly Limited Liability Companies are used for small privately owned businesses. In order to obtain a certificate of corporation you will need to hire a filing agency to file on your behalf, we suggest Filing.Solutions who we use often.


  1. Affiliate Marketer

This is one of the easiest and best online business ideas, which can help you, make easy bucks. An affiliate is basically somebody who receives commissions for selling certain products for other individuals or companies, whether it is on their own website or through some other channels like eBay. As an affiliate, you can create a site of your own using your own topics of interest and then establish yourself as an affiliate sales site for manufacturers and companies who sell products, which are relevant to your website’s content. You can the sell their products for a commission.


  1. Social Media Consultant

Large companies and firms can hire agencies or full time staff members to run their social media accounts, but the small businesses usually have to cater for their own sites and social media marketing. Given their many responsibilities, small business owners tend to be way too busy or very overwhelmed to find time to come up with effective social media strategies. As a social media consultant, they can hire you to help them access and determine the best strategies and tactics. You can take care of their posting schedules and creating quality content for the target audience.


  1. App Developer

Mobile apps are now more popular than ever before. Today, many people are willing to spend money for ways to better manage their lives conveniently from their smartphones. In case you have a brilliant idea and you happen to know how to do coding, you can create an app by yourself. Well, even if you don’t know coding and you have a great idea, there are many software developers who are looking to link up with creative people on application creation.


  1. Stock/Forex Trader

Forex trading can pay off very well but you need to do due diligence before venturing into this endeavor. You should start out small and then keep on researching til you gain enough knowledge and experience in stock and forex trading. As a matter of fact, once you fully get the hang of it, you can earn a sizable profit from trading stocks and foreign currencies.


  1. Professional Freelancer

If you’ve a specific skill like a photographer or a writer, you can work as a freelancing professional. A freelancer is basically someone who isn’t committed to one particular employer on a long-term contract. This will allow you to share your time between different clients while providing them with various services. As a professional freelancer, you can do your online business from virtually anywhere, at any time. Generally, a client hires you based on the completion date, which means you’re free to work from anywhere and within the hours of your choosing. This is particularly great if you have young kids whom you need to take and pick from school.



Having your own site to display your particular set of skills will help you find new clients. Use the site as a portfolio for displaying all of your previous work, so that the potential employers are able to see that you’re capable of delivering quality work.


  1. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant (also known as a VA) is someone who provides professional administrative, creative or technical help to clients from a home based office. Since VAs are generally self employed, the clients aren’t responsible for any of the employee taxes, insurance and/or benefits which they’d normally need to pay to the regular in house employees; this is what has made VAs so much in demand at the moment especially now when companies/firms are trying to cut down on costs. Virtual assistants perform various tasks which a secretary or a traditional assistant would normally do, some of these tasks include; paying bills, making travel arrangements or/and managing expense reimbursements. Virtual assistants work from home and regularly interact with their clients via skype, phone or email on behalf of their employer. This is actually one of the best online business ideas for 2016.


  1. Web Designer

Many companies/firms need functional and attractive sites so if you have artistic talents, some programming knowledge and also possess a creative side, then this is one of the best online ideas for you. Today, building sites is an exploding industry and has abundant opportunities.


  1. eBay Trader

You should consider being an eBay trading assistant. eBay trading assistants help people market and sell their products on eBay. An eBay trading assistant who operates an online business typically goes to a client’s home or business to take photographs and then picks up the items and sells them on eBay, on consignment. Well, this business can also solely run through the Internet. Most eBay sellers are always searching for assistance, and if you have some experience, they can hire you for a handsome fee. You can also consider making eBooks and selling them on eBay and various other sites.


  1. Content Writing

If you do enjoy writing, there are many sites that will gladly pay you for writing quality content for them. There are some websites that will also reward you for the amount of traffic your work generates. To generate more traffic, you need to create quality content and use popular keywords, which will help, drive traffic to the site. You should also add more quality content as often, as you can.


To Start an Online Business you will need a few things to get started. I would recommend to start with a website domain and good hosting company. When you are first getting started money can be tight so I would recommend check out cheap web hosting. Good luck in your new online business venture.