Channel letter signs are among the most striking methods of signage that can be sued to advertise the presence of a business. Many operations choose this method of signage because it represents excellent value for money and is highly visible both during the daylight hours and at night. There are also numerous designs available.

Channel letter signs can be individually designed to suit the requirements of almost any business and provide a unique brand presence even when there are a number of other businesses in the shopping mall or in the immediate area. They are also suitable for use on the exterior of buildings and for interior use as well.

The face of the sign is usually made from acrylic which is highly weather resistant of the lighting effect is achieved through the use of LEDS, although there may be other options available. LED’s are preferred due to the fact that they can operate in a variety of temperature environments, including extreme cold. LED’s are also environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

If you make your final choice when it comes to channel lighting and the final design that you want to see installed then the next step is to perform the actual installation of sign lettering.

Fortunately installing channel letter signs is relatively simply – even a novice can do it themselves. However, should you not have the correct equipment to perform an electrical installation or if you have never done any work on this type of installation before it is advisable to call in the professionals. Often the designs and manufacturers of the channel letter signs will be able to perform the installation or will be able to recommend a professional installer.

Here are the steps that are required for successful installation.

The area where the channel letter signs should be chosen and inspected to ensure that the mounting hardware will be secure. Then it is essential to ensure that the installation will have access to electrical power.

Installation and securing of the channel letter sign will depend largely on the type of surface that is used. If it is wood then lags or toggle bolts are the standard approach.

If the surface is dry wall then the toggle bolts are the best approach. For concrete walls a hammer drill will be required in order to drill 5/8” holes and install shields for the lags which will be used to secure the signage.

The next step is measurement and alignment of the sign to the holes and mounting equipment that have been installed. After this it is a case of measuring to ensure that the hole to be drilled through the wall to run the power supply is aligned to the relevant part of the signage where the power supply is to be attached.

After the signage is attached and electrical supply is hooked up the project is complete.

Channel letter signs are incredibly effective both in terms of visibility and value for money – it is why they remain one of the most popular signage options around. Click here to know more