The technology sector first of all is enormous, and second, tech companies can be about as volatile at times as biopharmaceutical companies. That’s not the case with companies like Apple of course, as Apple has enough cash to pay its dividends until the cows come home. However, sometimes it is difficult to valuate certain tech companies. There are analysts ratings of course, but you have to know for yourself, too. Would you like to know a big investment opportunity in the technology space right now? I certainly have one for you to ponder.

What do you know about the company Xilinx? As you discover more information about this company, take notice of how its competition is in the rearview mirror, way back. Notice the company financials, analyze the stock chart, look at the dividend history and take note of why this company has been soaring for quite some time.

Microsoft And Intel

Just the chart and the div were enough to get me to take notice. It was a client that ordered articles about the company that got me to digging. At first, before I looked at anything investing related, I read about technology that didn’t make sense to me and even struck me as outdated. That’s because I’m not a programmer, don’t work for Microsoft or Intel and certainly have no association with the Department of Defense. Did I get your attention?

The company certainly got my attention. I saw the strong chart, which screams growth potential, noticed the dividend and raised an eyebrow. What was I looking at? What had I found thanks to that client? If you pull up the company and the stock chart, you might find yourself saying the same thing. Don’t pass up the opportunity to at least take a look if you are an investor looking for a tech play.

Tech Play

In fact, I would call this much more than just a tech play. After reading what Intel and Microsoft have said about this company’s products, and after looking at the chart and much more, I would call this stock a long-term investment. So what do you say? Look at where this company was trading a year ago, and look where it is now. It has been an unbelievable ride, and it’s not like it appears the ride is over. The company is poised to just steamroll, and that’s what you want to see when you make an investment.

Investing In Xilinx

If you don’t have room in your portfolio at the moment, you can always add it to your watchlist like I did. It is a possible future move for me, but as of the date of this article, I have no position to in Xilinx. That doesn’t mean I don’t initiate one tomorrow, or the next day or sometime soon. I am watching for sure, and I was really happy to run across this find. If you end up investing in Xilinx, spread the word because not everyone knows about this tech company that is just blowing up the market. For detailed information visit here | Xilinx brand product