Trying to make the landscape surrounding your property look beautiful can be a difficult task, especially for those who have little gardening knowledge and do not wish to invest in professional tools. Fortunately, there are now hundreds of great lawn care professionals in operation and their service charges are more affordable than ever before. However, if you are not ready to call in the professional just yet.

5 DIY Tips to Improve The Appearance of Your Lawn:

1. Install a sprinkler system

Perhaps one of the best ways to cultivate healthy, full grass is to apply as much moisture to the soil as possible. Those who live in high rainfall areas will have no problem ensuring that their gardens are well-watered by nature, however, if you live in an area of the country that has limited rainfall, an automated sprinkler system could make a massive difference to the appearance of your gardens.

2. Buy and sow high-quality grass seeds in bald areas

Trying to get a thick lawn is every gardener’s top aim and adding more seeds to bald areas can help to encourage new growth. If you don’t feel like messing about with grass seeds and waiting for them to sprout, you might want to consider buying some strips of turf instead.

3. Keep your lawn well-trimmed

Buying a good quality lawnmower and ensuring that grass areas are cut on a regular basis can go a long way to improving the appearance of your home’s gardens. After all, an overgrown lawn can look as unsightly as one that is covered in dry bald spots. For that matter, any type of overgrowth in your garden can decrease your property’s curb appeal.

4. Remove as many weeds as possible from their root

Weeds steal nutrients from the ground that other plant, including grass, desperately need for healthy, full growth. Many people make the mistake of not removing weeds completely from their roots and get annoyed when regrowth occurs. If you don’t feel like manually pulling out weeds, you might want to look into some chemical weed killers. If you have pets that love the outdoors, however, you need to be aware of the fact that many chemical weed killers are incredibly toxic to animals.

5. Fertilize the ground


The cost of over-the-counter fertilizer has decreased considerably in recent decades and there are now products specialized formulated to encourage healthy grass growth. It is always a good idea to opt for organic fertilizers if possible because it is inevitable that there will be some runoff from your garden into nearby drains. You might also want to consider buying some fortified compost and adding that to your garden. Learn more here to get more tips.

The five tips featured above have only scratched the surface of proper lawn maintenance. Consequently, if you have a very busy, stressful life, hiring the services of a professional lawn maintenance company at that could be money well spent.